As I walked down the sidewalk

On a pale blue Monday morning,

It struck me the idea that

Something odd was going on.

I walked and I quickened

The pace I was going,

And my heart fluttered rapidly

With my thoughts as I strode.

A presence, I sensed,

While I walked over to school,

Yet not a single soul was present

Down the streets that I knew.

It’s breath was now rasping

Near the back on my neck.

All the hairs in my body

Grew stiff with each step.

But I winced at the thought

Of looking back a few inches,

For I knew something odd

I were to find close behind.

It whispered my name now.

I swear, with great clarity!

So I stopped and I swallowed…

It was now touching my thighs.

Turning so slowly, almost eternal.

When I finally faced it,

My eyes shut like blinds

And my heart screamed “go home!”.

Go home!

I peeked with much doubt

To see who was in front of me…

It was just my pet, Yellow,

wanting to follow me some more.