–Hey! The round one is emptying! –I point out .


–Oh, go, go get it. I’ll take the stuff.


I tiptoe along the concrete border.

Sit down. Comfortable.

I look at him coming towards me.

I smile. He smiles. He sits.


–What are you smiling about? –he caresses my cheek.


–I’m happy.


–Are you?


–Yes. Very.


We stare.


–Come on, let’s lie back and look at the stars –I invite.


He takes my hand.

We’re silent.


–What are you thinking?


–They’re beautiful, aren’t they? –I muse.


–Mmm. They depress me.


–Why?! –I turn to study his expression.


–Ah –he sighs– it’s a long story.

I just… I over-think things too much.

It’s so vast, you know… Like…

It saddens me how vast it is.

What’s the meaning… What… What is…

Nah, forget it.

I’ll just start getting depressed again.


–Hmm… –I look back at the stars– I like the vastness.

It’s beautiful.

I wish I could see it all up there.

So unknown… It’s just…



–I don’t understand so many things –he murmurs.

It scares me.

It confuses me.

I get sad.


–Well, we don’t need to understand it all.

I mean, I wish I could, but it’s OK that I don’t.

I just admire the mystery.

Maybe I’ll know when I die.


–What happens when we die?

I hate that thought.


–Well, it’s natural.

–Yeah, but what comes after it?

What happens?

Where do we go?

Do we just disappear, like, like nothing more?

How horrible is that…


We’re silent.


–I don’t know what happens… –I start slowly.


I can only wish my energy travels to space so I can see it all up there.


We’re silent again.


–Oh my gosh!

Did you see that?! –I sit upright and look at him amazed.


He chuckles– Yeah.


–That’s a sign!




–I swear.

I’ve only seen one shooting star before.

It was with my family when I was little…

I wished a doll of mine would come to life –I laugh.

Now I see a second one, and it’s with you!

It’s a sign!

I feel it!


–A sign about what?


–I don’t know.

That we’re supposed to be here.

We’re supposed to be together.

I feel different with you.

I’m happy.


–Yes, you told me. I’m very happy too. –He squeezes my hand and smiles.


We giggle.


I lie back down.

Look at the stars.

Feel the warmth of his body next to mine.

I feel the breeze and close my eyes.

I’m happy.


–Let’s stay here… Forever.

Just… Float away to space.


We’re silent.


–Would you come?