Bird’s Nest

There’s gunshots every night

Oh, yes, there are

They wake me up sometimes

I imagine the bullet

Lead soaring through the sky

Reaching my bedroom window

And then… BAM!

I push aside those thoughts

I don’t wanna die yet

And then I cover my face with a blanket

As if that were to keep me safe

I shudder at night

I know it could come from anywhere

And I can hear them so, so close!

You’d be scared too

I have this very faint memory

Of when I was little

I was riding my bike with Dad

Just around our block

We found a tiny bird on the street

It was hurt

So we took it home

Until he got better and flew away

When my children visit their grandparents

They won’t find tiny birds

They’ll find the bullets that killed them

But they won’t be scared