Pick a side, any side

They’re killing us slowly!

They’ve got it all wrong!

They’re taking what’s ours!

They’re conspiring against us!

They’re stealing!

They’re lying to us, even while we sleep!

They’re taking us for granted!

They’re making up stories to turn us into sheep!

They’re crazy, I tell you!

They’re sorry and poor!

They’re screaming!

They’re filthy and corrupted!

They’re whiny, unbearable!

They watch us, always!

They come up with mad theories!

They’re fighting a lost cause!

They’re fighting!

They’re resisting what is best!

They don’t understand!

They are influencing!

Their threats can’t stop us!

Their fires won’t burn!

They’re shouting!

They won’t lave us alone!

Their boots try to squash us!

They must be controlled!

They’re hiding!

They must be suppressed!

They’re searching!

They must be made to understand!

They’re dumb!

They’re brainwashing!

They’re ignorants!

They’re planning to take a stand!

They don’t know!

They don’t get it!

They’ll bring down the country!

They’ll perish us to hell!

They want us to suffer!

They still think we’ll let them!

They want us to turn on each other!

They talk without knowing!

They’re diffusing wrong ideas!

They’re building an army!

They aren’t listening!

They don’t understand!

They’re not getting it!

They don’t care about anyone!

They have the wrong idea!

They’re cheating!

They are selfish!

They always want more!

They point at US!

They should be pointing at themselves!

They cry incessantly!

They’re forcing us to fight!

They leave us no other option!

They don’t give us any choice!


We only want what’s best!

WE only want what is best!