The future of fashion is eco-friendly… And it glows!

By Angela Aponte / Photography: Israel Mojica / Clothing: AgnesAnna

See my eco-friendly NYFW after-party outfit that glows in the dark!

Inside a humble studio apartment in the heart of Old San Juan, lives a crafty Hungarian designer that sews pineapple fibers, artisanal buttons, and cotton that glows in the dark.

Her name is Agnes Anna, a one-woman atelier that caters to “young spirits” and is keen for experimentation and risk-taking when it comes to creating.

“I’m not afraid of trying again something that failed the first time. I like the dynamic of trying out– or inventing– new techniques, materials, and reinterpreting traditional methods to make my designs innovative and keep my practice in constant development”, she asserts.

This Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design knitwear graduate is guided by the mantra “quality, aesthetics, functionality and sustainability”, with her northern star being a firm belief that sustainability must be fashion’s only future if the planet is to be kept safe and its inhabitants happy.

For Agnes Anna, inspiration is found all around and the creative process always begins with a vision, as well as broad research on the topic chosen. Sketches, on the other hand, are sometimes mere secondary tools; she prefers the idea of starting out by pinning, testing, and tweaking her natural fabrics and upcycled materials directly on the mannequin.

Her love for working with textiles started at a very young age, making hand-sewn stuffed animals with her mom, along with garments to clothe them. Raised in a household that appreciated vintage and second-hand clothing, she learned to knit with her grandmother at the age of seven and was introduced to embroidery and lacemaking by her aunt as a kid, too. The three women’s teachings are at the core of her identity as a designer.

As for how she ended up in Puerto Rico: “After my Fellowship [with San Juan based art organisation Beta-Local] I left for a short time, but then I decided to return and settle down. I do not regret my decision; Puerto Rico is a magical place to stay at. I am still amazed by its natural attractions and I love that it has an ‘eternal summer’ climate.”

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