Next season trends (Pt. 1)

By Angela A. Aponte / Photography: Israel Mojica

With the end of the Fashion Week season, we have rounded up three trends that are sure to bring life to your wardrobe and style you up for any occasion. From draped organza and statement leather, to skin-like sportswear and heavily embroidered dresses, we look back at some of the highlights of New York Fashion Week’s Fashion Gallery runways.

The event held at the Affinia Hotel and the Prince George Ballroom featured an eclectic mix of designers with varying proposals for Spring/Summer 2016.



Beautiful Creatures, Ayasa Afi’s sea-inspired SS16 collection, brought ocean winds and hand-painted beach flowers to the runway with a set of airy dresses that spoke about a fun and sophisticated business girl. The feminine designs were complemented with a light toned palette spurred by the ocean’s flora and fauna.


Urban Sewn by Claire Henkel is practical-city fashion for the working woman that also likes to party. Her sensible designs– based on principles of versatility, comfort, and luxury– are founded on neutral colors and patterns that can be modified for any occasion.


Jessica Lynn brought her pink and blue L.A. sunsets to N.Y.C. with a collection for the risk taker. Her street style, chic pieces are reminders of “home” to this designer, and represent confidence with a focus on being environmentally friendly.


Classic and soft femininity is found nowhere else than with Leanne Marshall. For her NYFW presentation, the Season 5 Project Runway winner opted for flowing fabrics and light hues that reflected youth and sophistication.


Aúma, ARCT., Nina Agerup, GRAA and apollonius mostly opted for relaxed, urban silhouettes. These five Norwegian designers– who showed their collections with the support of online art and fashion magazine Fashion by Norway– complemented their designs with details in tailoring and graphics. Nina Agerup based her collection on a watercolour painting she had previously created as a reflection of her own feelings and thoughts, while the duo GRAA represented their style and [possibly] own nostalgia of younger times with a collection that gravitated towards the 90’s. The final touch was the incorporation of the print of an older person looking back at distant moments. On the other hand, menswear brand, apollonius, was inspired by the ocean skies and proposed basic, streetwear garments “with a twist”, as designer Emma Liljedahl described.

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