Pick a side, any side

They’re killing us slowly! They’ve got it all wrong! They’re taking what’s ours! They’re conspiring against us! They’re stealing! They’re lying to us, even while we sleep! They’re taking us for granted! They’re… Continue reading


On the night you were born Romping thieves were misled to enter terrific doors And on the night you were born The moon was bright, shining up in a pearly green sky On… Continue reading

Chavao’ Acento

Angela sin acento I say I say it all the time Ángela lleva acento They answer back But I just ignore them Mi mamá no es bruta She named me, you know She… Continue reading

Bird’s Nest

There’s gunshots every night Oh, yes, there are They wake me up sometimes I imagine the bullet Lead soaring through the sky Reaching my bedroom window And then… BAM! I push aside those… Continue reading

Spirit seeks beautiful

Full-time confused spirit seeks self-centered long term lover stubborn, egocentric, on occasions very mean pessimist in nature and utterly impatient arrogant walker that knows he deserves the world at his feet anger management… Continue reading

Imaginary Friends

Molly enters the interrogation room. She’s impassive, yet the bulging skin under her eyes evidences she’s been crying again. Stan holds the door for her. She gives him a dull thanks with a… Continue reading


–Hey! The round one is emptying! –I point out .   –Oh, go, go get it. I’ll take the stuff.   I tiptoe along the concrete border. Sit down. Comfortable. I look at… Continue reading


As I walked down the sidewalk On a pale blue Monday morning, It struck me the idea that Something odd was going on. I walked and I quickened The pace I was going,… Continue reading

Se repite la historia

Lunes, 6 de agosto, recibí una llamada telefónica del productor de Tarjeta Roja TV, Luis Pérez. Me pidió que me sentara y me dio la noticia: tendría carnet de prensa para cubrir el… Continue reading

Probables españoles convocados para el amistoso

La Revista Caras publicó en su reciente edición de agosto el listado de los posibles seleccionados de España que arribarán a la Isla el próximo lunes para enfrentarse a los locales en el… Continue reading